Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Katy Flatland Century (100K) 2014

Lately I've been in this bizarre mental funk, sometimes it's easier just to stay in bed than get up, load the bike and drive to wherever and instead think "I'll do 4 laps around White Rock Lake instead" or "I'll ride tomorrow". The downside to this strategy is I gain weight, don't push myself and have to play catch up later when some really good rides happen. This is why I haven't done many event rides this summer. I end up wondering if I can still do a decent average. Had the same thing happen 2012 and 2013. When I do get out and finally do one I've always found I'm in good shape and can do a fairly fast ride like this one.

The Houston area has a lot of rides early in the year, then it tapers off in the late spring then picks up in the early fall.  the reason for this is the high humidity and intense heat in south Texas but since the temperature has been below average the last few days I figured I'd give this one a go especially since I missed the Katy Ram Challenge earlier this year which had a similar route.

Started out a little odd with a very early open start (go when you feel like it) but with the 1500+ riders it was for the better as the start didn't have a lot of room for that many bikes. Fun part was I finished at 9:40 instead of 11:00 - 11:30.

The Katy area is about as flat as you can get and the exception of a short 5 mile stretch the roads were very good. I thought about doing the full 100 mile route but knew the heat would be picking up as the morning went on so I did the 100k instead. To give you an idea of the heat about halfway home I checked out the temperature in Katy and it was 95 degrees with a 123 heat index...yech

Note: Since I started doing these rides back in 2007 I've rarely done the full route without stopping at at least one rest stop however after noticing that Zak, my riding friend from last year, rarely ever stopped I thought I'd make that my goal as well and so far this year after 15 rides I've only stopped once (emergency nature call).and in his honor award myself "Zackary Points".

No stop                                        = Full Zackary
Splash and Go (fluid refill, no rest)  = 1/2 Zackary
Stop and rest                                = No Zackary

Sounds goofy but believe it or not it works and I end up finishing in less time than previous rides where my average was faster.

Not sure why but the video has more wind noise than normal


Brad said...

Zachary points - what a great idea. I hope you can go the Full Zachary many times. I can go 100km without stopping, however 100 miles or 160km is just too far for my muscles and bladder.

Mark Leuck said...

So far the farthest I've gone without stopping is 68 miles at the Montgomery Great Plane ride.

I normally don't stop on my regular weekday rides, I do around 40 miles fast riding daily and never stop either.

100 miles would be stretching it so if I do the Hotter Than Hell 100 in August I'm pretty sure I'll do a stop

Praveen RS said...

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