Saturday, March 22, 2014

Schlumberger Education Expedition 2014

The name of the ride sounds a bit corny but it's an excellent and fast ride south of Houston, this is the 3rd time I've done it and every time end with a 21+ average since it's extremely flat. Felt very strong the entire way even with a little rain on the south section..

Hadn't met the guy on the Velokraft VK2 before and he hung with me quite a while, I like it when other fast recumbent riders are around (since it's very rare) and hope to ride with him again in the near future.


Tommy S. Sørensen said...

Hello Mark
My name is Tommy from Denmark and has just become the happy owner of an Optima Baron Elite .
I have cycled "normal" Racebikes for some years, and has in recent years concentrated on the long / ultra distances.
So I decided to try recumbent , it had to be as comfortable and fast.
And since I also participate in the race. Ex . 24 hour race, it should indeed be a fast bike, and was therefore recommended Optima Baron . The fact that it became an "Elite" must surely only be a plus.
In my search on the internet for various tips and tricks to get started with this recumbent world , I came across your blog.
And WOW . May say it seems you have great experience in this world and not least Optima Baron Elite 
Therefore, I will hear , however, if you want to scoop out your knowledge and experience .
Of course I have looked at your blog to find good advice, but it's a rather large blog you have.
I also know that settings and driving style is very individual , but to get a good start , so I may as well start out with good experience you have gained , and then work from that .
What will you give me good advice on the setting / option / equipment to buy etc. to get a good start in the recumbent world and , not least, a quick but relatively comfortable bike.
Ex . What about seat Position ? Upright or "lying" all the way down?
Cleat position ? As far back as possible or ? ? ? ?
Have considered putting a " normal . " Racing rear wheel on ( 700cc ) Do you have experience with this? And what will be the pros and cons ?

Looking forward to hear and learn from a true Baron Elite expert.

Tommy S. Sorensen

Mark Leuck said...

Can't say I'm an expert I just ride the thing :)

The seat position is all the way down, used to have it half-way down but it's a little faster all the way

Components are mostly standard Ultegra with SRAM Attack thumb shifters, nothing special

Cleat position all the way down, mostly because I'm lazy and don't know much about alignment, it feels fine the way it is.

No racing wheel, A: Aerospokes last forever and while heavy seem to add a little speed B: I run 26" Schwalbe Kojak or Duranos in the back which seem fairly fast and last a long time. I'm more concerned about how long they last and puncture protection than pure speed. I don't race but just try to go as fast as I can on the event rides I post, there's a couple of guys around that are faster than I am...for now

The Elite is a good bike, had one crack a weld in the frame in 2011 but this one has held up very well.