Monday, March 03, 2014

Montgomery Great Plane Ride

I did this back in 2010 and for various stupid reasons (weather, cold etc) couldn't do it again until now, it's a pretty good ride through the Sam Houston Forest with some hills on that west finger out to Anderson.

This time it was wet, I normally don't ride in the rain but I've been wanting to do this one so bad it didn't matter. Ride started with wet roads and some mild drizzle, about halfway it started to rain then let up the last 3rd of the ride. Weather went to shit after I finished, hopefully the stragglers didn't have problems.

Not very fast since I didn't feel like wrecking again on the wet roads but still a fun ride and the first 100K+ ride of the year. Something about riding through forests always seems easier, maybe it's the extra oxygen?

My Houston friend Zak has infected me with the "Don't do rest stops" disease and like all the other rides this year I rode the entire ride straight through, might have finished 1st on the long route but you never can tell. They sponsor another at the end of the year, hopefully it'll be dry and I'll be faster

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Bob Martinelli said...

Hi Mark,
Why no rest stops?