Sunday, February 23, 2014

Katy Spring Breakaway 2014

Katy has two rides using this exact route, the Spring Breakaway in the winter and Tour De Donut in November, If you read the Tour De Donut post last year you know I have a love/hate relationship with this one, it's always very fast from Katy through Fulshear close to Wallis, then it's a chip-seal run north to San Felipe then a run over the "hump" back to Brookshire and back to Katy.

I used to hate the chip-seal section but it's really not that bad and I don't lose much speed on it, turns out the real sucky part for some odd reason is over the hump to Brookshire. It always seems like I start running out of gas during that section. Last year's Breakaway was no different and it was a struggle to finish with a 20 mph average. It always wears me out

Today that was not the case, lots of fog and damp roads didn't slow me down at all (helped to have almost no wind) and it was fast all the way 

At least until I got to Pattison, see they have one stop sign and to get around traffic I violated my "Never ride on the shoulder" rule and went down in some gravel, no harm done other than a bruised elbow and hip (why do I always fall on the rebuilt hip???) and it sure didn't slow me down. Felt great at the end which as far as I can remember has NEVER happened at this ride.

To me the mark of a great ride is when you're driving home and find yourself smiling thinking about it over and over and over. Yet when the Tour De Donut comes along in November I'll be wondering why I want to do it again.

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Jim Barrett said...

+1...hope you are not hurting too bad after that wreck!! you have a mirror on your ride? and it seems like you are happy with your bike helmet? You have had it for at least a year.